We Like Trees Because They Make Life Pleasant.

Trees also provide numerous aesthetic and economical benefits to your property.

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Trees Are An Investment That Provide Substantial Returns.

We Help You Protect Them.

Most trees and shrubs in cities or communities are planted to provide beauty or shade. These are excellent reasons for their use. Woody plants also serve many other purposes and it’s important to consider these other functions when selecting a tree or shrub for the landscape.

Our arborists prune and care for your trees and shrubs with health, safety and aesthetic consideration in mind. Whether young or mature trees, we prune to emphasize a tree’s intended natural shape. Maintenance pruning is recommended to improve or maintain a tree’s health and structure including the removal of visibly defined hazards. On mature trees, this is accomplished most efficiently and sensitively by climbing and working within the tree using the most advanced climbing techniques. In almost all cases, and for the benefit of the tree, it is climbed without climbing spurs.

While we do everything we can to promote healthy trees, sometimes a tree must be removed due to it’s declining health, high risk, or location. If a tree has to be removed, we do our best to protect the surrounding buildings, landscape and hardscape by determining the best course of action. Sometimes this includes roping every branch and log piece to the ground, or if necessary, using a crane service to assist us in insuring a safe and effective low-impact removal.

Also, we strive to use the most ecologically friendly methods using biodegradable bar oil in our chainsaws and a biodiesel mix in our trucks, chipper and stump grinder.

The benefits of trees can be grouped into four major categories: social, communal, environmental and economic. Read more about the four benefit categories of trees.

How Can Trees Benefit You?

Trees provide a number of benefits to your home and community, though they require proper planning and care. Learn more about trees and shrubs, read the articles we have written.

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